Acelino Freitas vs. Juan Carlos Ramirez

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Acelino Freitas 130 lbs beat Juan Carlos Ramirez 130 lbs by TKO at 0:19 in round 4 of 12


- Freitas was down in round 2nd. It was probably a slip.It was the third time down in his career.
- Ramires was down twice in round 3rd, with a disallowed one in between. At the round's end, Freitas was battering Ramirez in a corner. - The end came in 19 seconds of four, when Freitas battered Ramirez to the floor by the ropes, bringing a referee's stoppage without a count. - Both boxers slipped down and hit low during the power packed short bout. - In memory of his recently deceased father, Freitas wept uncontrollably in his model, wife's arms after the bout.