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Name: Al 'Bummy' Davis
Birth Name: Albert Abraham Davidoff
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Died: 1945-11-21 (Age:25)
Height: 165cm
Reach: 170cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Managers: Lew Burston & Johnny Attell

They called him "Bummy" because he was as famous for his fights on street corners as he was for his classic battles in Madison Square Garden. He rocketed to international fame behind the momentum of his incredible left hook, and he died trying to protect his friend. He had four bullets in his body. But when he had three bullets he almost cleaned up the four gunmen who had knocked over his friend's beer joint. It was the fourth bullet - in the neck - that stopped Bummy on the sidewalk in the rain.

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