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Alaska does not have an active state athletic or boxing commission.

However, Alaska does have an very active non-sanctioned, unregulated boxing scene called "Rough-house Boxing" AKA "Club Boxing." Rules for these contests are similar to "Toughman Contests" with three 90 second rounds per bout, with 16 oz gloves and head gear is optional. Fighters are paid (according to State statutes) a max of $250.00 per fight.

Weekly roughhouse boxing events are held in Anchorage, as part of the Thrusday Night at the Fights Series promoted by Jim Patton promotions. In addition, Juneau also hosts a monthly roughhouse card promoted by BIG H promotions' "Rough-house Fridays"

Recently, other roughhouse boxing events have begun in other Alaska cities such as Fairbanks, Wasilla and Ketchikan.

Per a letter form the State of Alaska, Department of Community and Economic Development, Division of Occupational Licensing. September 18, 2002

Dear Members of Alaska’s Boxing and Wrestling Community,

I am writing to inform you that the Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing has stopped licensing professional and club boxers, wrestlers, and events.

State occupational licenses will no longer be issued to boxers, wrestlers, promoters, managers, referees, seconds, trainers or examining physicians.

The Athletic Commission was deactivated several years ago and the Division of Occupational Licensing no longer has funding to administer the licensing program. Total receipts from boxing industry license fees averaged $2,000 a year. The remaining costs of regulating boxing and wrestling were previously paid with business licensing revenue. The program can no longer be subsidized with business license fees.

Although there will be no licenses required, to ensure the safety and legitimacy of events, promoters and participants are asked to follow the standards for the conduct of professional boxing, club boxing and professional wrestling contests. These include, but are not limited to, rules governing weights and classes, judging, stopping a contest, facilities and equipment, physical examination, physicians at ringside and ambulance service.

A copy of the standards previously adopted by the Athletic Commission is enclosed.

Promoters and managers are asked to ensure that professional boxers and wrestlers are at least 18 years old and that club boxers are at least 21 years old.

We expect promoters and participants to ensure that appropriate medical personnel examine participants in advance and are present at events.

If you have questions, please call Ms. Judy Weske at 465-3262.



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