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Creation of Boxing Illustrated / Boxing Digest

The following text is from the Boxing Digest 50th Anniversary Issue.

In 1958, Stanley Weston took it upon himself to establish a boxing magazine that he hoped would bridge the gap between the fighters and the fans. He soon assumed the roles as both Publisher and Editor-in-Chief after the editorial tenure of Eddie Borden. To appease the fight fans in general, the magazine was devoted to boxing and wrestling, thus the original title, Boxing Illustrated-Wrestling News.

Abe Glick took over in 1965 and clearly intended to use the magazine as a forum to expose and hopefully suppress the ills of boxing. Two years later, with boxing and the nation in turmoil, the magazine's readers voted out the wrestling section, wanting the entire issue devoted to boxing. It became Boxing Illustrated-Ringside News then, in 1970 simply Boxing Illustrated, a title the publication maintained for the next 26 years.

A certain cigar smoking, fedora-wearing individual (Bert Sugar) succeeded Glick, with Lew Eskin sitting in the editor's chair until 1973.

Except for a brief period in its 50-year history, the magazine has always been published out of New York, moving from Long Island to Manhattan with Glick. Between 1973-1982, the publication found itself up north in Canada, under the guidance of Publisher Gilles Morin. During this time, there seemed to be a revolving door of editors, with Eskin returning twice more and Jack Welsh serving two terms, in addition to Maurice Desjardins, Milt Gardner and Reg Noble.

Boxing Illustrated traveled back to New York and was actually published by its competitor, The Ring, through 1984, before going on a short hiatus. Future Chairman of New York State Athletic Commission, Randy Gordon, and Nigel Collins operated as editors during this phase.

Revived in 1988, that cigar smoking, fedora-wearing fellow took charge once again until 1995. Shortly thereafter, the magazine underwent another two name changes, from International Boxing Digest and finally to its present and more succinct title, Boxing Digest. Herbert Goldman, Ken Kolasinki and Gregory Juckett were editors prior to Sean Sullivan. (Boxing Digest ceased publication January 2011.)

Several fighters have been part of the staff, including Gene Fullmer and Floyd Patterson as Associate Publishers in addition to Jose Torres as an Associate Editor, in the early seventies. In 1980, Emile Griffith also shared editorial duties in his role as an Associate Editor.

Perusing the ever-changing design of this magazine, boxing's two biggest icons of the last half-century, Muhammad Ali and later Mike Tyson, have understandably graced more covers than any other fighters.

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