Brendan Ingle

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Name: Brendan Ingle
Hometown: Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Died: 2018-05-25 (Age:77)
Promoter: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Brendan Ingle, a former professional boxer himself, later became a trainer for boxers such as Herol Graham, Naseem Hamed, Johnny Nelson, Ryan Rhodes, Junior Witter, Glyn Rhodes, Brian Anderson, Mick Mills, John Kelly, Jimmy Ellis, Walter Clayton, Steve Farnsworth, Andy Broughton, Vince Vahey, Tommy Bennett, Michael Justin, Paul Jones, Clifton Mitchell, Dave Caldwell, Daniel Thorpe, Jonathon Thaxton, Damon Hague, Donovan Smillie, Lee McAllister, Nadeem Siddique, Kell Brook and others.

Ingle once lost to Terry Collins (uncle of Steve Collins) as an amateur.