Bruce Woodcock

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Name: Bruce Woodcock
Hometown: Doncaster, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Birthplace: Doncaster, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Died: 1997-12-21 (Age:77)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 184cm
Reach: 184cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Bruce Woodcock was featured on the cover of the October 1945 The Ring magazine. He was the 1939 ABA Light heavyweight champion. Woodcock boxed American Lee Savold for the vacant world heavyweight championship in June of 1950. One source (?) stated:

...It is a lamentable reflection of the standards of the day that Woodcock was able to box (Lee)Savold at all: he was virtually blind in his left eye, the result of an earlier drubbing at the hands of the Pennsylvanian former miner Joe Baksi, and yet passed all medical examinations...

Bruce Woodcock's points loss to Alfred Ford on June 3, 1941 is an amateur contest and should not appear in his professional record. (source, Boxing Historian, Miles Templeton).