Carlos Zarate vs. Lupe Pintor

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Lupe Pintor 118 lbs beat Carlos Zarate 118 lbs by SD in round 15 of 15

"A surprised Lupe Pintor took the WBC bantamweight championship from Carlos Zarate, 117 1/2, yesterday with a split decision that caused a gasp when it was announced. Pintor, who had been standing quietly in his corner, opened his mouth in obvious surprise when the verdict was announced at the end of the 15 round fight at Caesars Palace. Zarate, however, showed little emotion at the decision although he did cover his head with his gloves. Pintor, who weighed the class limit of 118, went down in the 4th round from a right-left combination to the head. There were no other knockdowns. In the 10th round Zarate bloodied Pintor's nose and in the 11th opened a cut above the new champion's left eye. Zarate appeared to be on the defensive through much of the fight. Pintor kept moving him back and most of Zarate's blows were counter-punches. And this aggressiveness obviously paid off in the eyes of two judges. He threw hard, fast punches and concentrated on the head." -Associated Press

  • Purses: Zarate - $150,000 (app.), Pintor - $40,000 (app.)

Unofficial scorecards

  • AP - 147-138 Zarate
  • Boxing Illustrated - 144-142 Zarate
  • International Boxing - 9-4-2 Zarate (IB opting to score it on a rounds basis)
  • Ring Magazine - 145-138 Zarate