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Class of 1997
Modern Category
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World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

Name: Chalky Wright
Birth Name: Albert Wright
Hometown: San Bernardino, California, USA
Birthplace: Willcox, Arizona, USA
Died: 1957-08-12 (Age:45)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 169cm
Reach: 175cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Managers: Bunny Buntag, Eddie Walker and Eddie Mead
Trainers: Young George Dixon (while in Tacoma)
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  • Due to a an error in the old Ring Record Books which listed him as being born in Durango, Mexico, Chalky Wright has been erroneously listed as a Mexican boxer by various publications, up to the present date, when discussing him, or when discussions of all time Mexican fighters are made. Wright was not Mexican ethnically, nor was he born there.
  • His family were migrant farm workers
  • He was a chauffeur for movie star Mae West
  • Drowned in his bathtub
  • Trainer of Lightweight contender Tommy Campbell (1950)
  • 2003: The Ring Magazine's 100 Greatest Punchers
  • This was posted by Alice Walker on the CBZ site: Chalky Wright was not a native of Mexico. He was born in Willcox, Arizona, February 1, 1912. He was born in the Territory of Mexico, now know as Arizona. Arizona became a state February 14, 1912. I am his second cousin. His Grandfather was a runaway slave from Natchez, Mississippi. The family name is Martin. He come from a family of Black cowboys who owned a ranch near Fort Grant. Him, his five sisters and brothers, his six cousins, mother, father, uncle and aunt all speak fluent Spanish and spoke it all the time. In the late 40 or early 50, I remember visiting his mother in Los Angeles a couple of times. He lived next door and was no longer fighting. I am currently researching my family's history and working on a project on Chalky for Black History Month

Preceded by:
Joey Archibald
World Featherweight Champion

September 11, 1941 – November 20, 1942

Succeeded by:
Willie Pep