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Jabs Castillo Mayweather
Landed 30 91
Thrown 129 297
Percent 23% 31%
Power Punches Castillo Mayweather
Landed 173 66
Thrown 377 151
Percent 46% 44%
Total Punches Castillo Mayweather
Landed 203 157
Thrown 506 448
Percent 40% 35%

CompuBox, Inc. provides real-time statistical data for all major boxing fights. CompuBox developed software that categorizes punches into Jabs (thrown and landed) and Power Punches (thrown and landed). Jabs and Power Punches are combined to create Total Punches thrown and landed. The stats are tracked by two human operators with one operator tracking stats for each fighter. The operators are extensively trained to watch a fight differently than a normal fan would. Each operator concentrates on only one fighter and not the fight as a whole to accurately track the stats.

The CompuBox stats in no way, shape or form, determine a winner of a fight. The stats are used to enhance a telecast, show the estimated barometer of activity by both fighters and paint a picture of the activity on a round-by-round basis. Even though our database of over 5,000 fights (and counting) shows that a fighter that throws and lands more punches will win 90% of the time, the 10 point judging system clearly is the only way to determine winners in a fight.

CompuBox started in 1985 and is owned and operated by Bob Canobbio. Our clients include HBO, CBS/Showtime, NBC/NBC Sports Network, ESPN, EPIX Sports, Top Rank PPV, Broadway Boxing,,, Custom Special Tees, Inc. (Fight Program Content) and various PPV promotions.

CompuBox has been hired by trainers Eddie Futch, Emmanuel Steward, Freddie Roach, Kenny Adams and Miguel Diaz and worked with champions Larry Holmes, Ray Leonard, Michael Spinks, Evander Holyfield, Mike McCallum, Pernell Whitaker, Meldrick Taylor, Mark Breland, Lennox Lewis, Oscar de la Hoya and other contenders, compiling analysis on future opponents and attending the champs/contenders training camps to evaluate sparring sessions.

CompuBox operators consist of boxing historians and former professional fighters. They include Bob and Nic Canobbio, former UPI sports editor Joe Carnicelli, former pro fighter Dennis Allen, former pro fighter Saul Avelar, noted boxing writer, historian and HOF voting member Lee Groves, boxing historian and HOF voting member Aris Pina, boxing historian Ben Chan and boxing/MMA historian Andy Kasperzak. We were also privileged to employ a former world champion Genaro Hernandez, who passed away in 2011.

In 2007, CompuBox developed CompuStrike, which is software that tracks MMA statistics. You can visit to learn more.