Darroll Wilson

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Name: Darroll Wilson
Alias: Doin' Damage
Birth Name: Darroll Lamont Wilson
Hometown: Pleasantville, New Jersey, USA
Birthplace: Danville, Virginia, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 183cm
Reach: 201cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Wilson was a quite prospect starting out his pro career. He notched wins against the usual suspects, padding his record, and gaining experience. Moving at a steady pace, Wilson clashed with another unbeaten prospect in Terry McGroom. The only name Wilson had on his record up until this fight was a KO win over Mitch Rose. Rose was the man to stop the then unbeaten Butterbean in the second round. Wilson and McGroom fought to a ten round draw. In Wilson's next fight he again fought another unbeaten heavyweight in James Stanton. This time Darroll came away with a decision win.

At the same time HBO was setting up its "Night of the young heavyweights" show which showcased the up and coming heavyweights. Shannon Briggs was being touted as a future champ and was one of the main attractions on the card. Wilson was brought in to be Shannon Briggs' opponent, as he was believed to be a sure win. What the big suits in HBO did not consider was Wilson was a legit undefeated heavyweight who had been in the ring with some decent undefeated prospects before and knew how to fight.

The end result ... Briggs was cut, battered, dropped, and stopped by the third round. Wilson looked great. He took Briggs early flurries, and counter his way into the fight. He also showed the power that many said he lacked.

Wilson was brought back to HBO a fight later to meet David Tua, another rising heavy who had also won on the previous "young heavys" card. The hard hitting Tua KO'ed Wilson in one round with his lethal left hook. Wilson had lost, but was still an attraction, and got his second chance when he met touted prospect Courage Tshabalala. Courage was a once beaten heavyweight like Wilson who was also trying to get back in the mix with an impressive win. The two staged one of the best fights of the year. In the first round Courage dropped Wilson with a jab 25 seconds into the fight. Things looked even worst for Wilson when he was dropped again in the third, this time much harder, with a right hand. Courage tried to finish in the forth but Wilson fought back with the heart he showed in the Briggs fight, and level Courage for the count.

Wilson's next big fight he lost to Terrence Lewis by fifth round TKO. Then again Wilson was TKO'ed in his next fight to the hard hitting top contender David Izon. In that fight Wilson's own power surfaced early, and Izon was dropped in the first round, but the silver medalist proved too much for Wilson. Since then Wilson slipped and never regain his old form. Loosing fights he would have previously won like his KO lost to journeyman Frankie Swindle, decision lost to journeyman Zuri Lawrence, and his latest lost a two round blowout to ancient Tim Witherspoon.

Wilson retired in 2006 after consecutive knockout loses to Oliver McCall and Sedrick Fields. He has fought plenty of big name guys and had his fair share of big pay-days. Remembered for his big heart, fearlessness, great counter-punching skills, and KO power, at times Wilson made it further as a heavyweight than most thought possible. His son, Jaywon Woods, campaigned in the cruiserweight division.