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Name: Dave Mills
Hometown: Oakland, California, USA
Died: 1963-01-26 (Age:76)
Height: 185cm
Pro Boxer: Record

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Mills was chief sparring partner for Jack Johnson when he boxed Al Kaufman. James Jeffries and Stanley Ketchel and later worked with Johnson as he prepared for Jess Willard. Also worked as chief sparring partner for middleweight Frank Klaus when he was on the coast.

  • February 4, 1913. Mills was refused a drink in a San Rafael bar because of his colour and a fight ensued with the bartender. Still enraged, he reportedly went home and returned with a rifle and revolver when he was met by several police officers and a running gun-battle took place. Most likely this was not Oakland Dave Mills as he was in El Paso Texas.
  • May 26, 1913 Mills was scheduled to box Joe Jeannette 10 rounds in New Orleans.