Ernie Butler

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Frank Cariello, Percy Richardson, Larry Holmes and Ernie Butler in 1972

Name: Ernie Butler
Hometown: Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Pro Boxer: Record

After retiring as a boxer, Butler worked as a guard at a county jail and trained boxers in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Butler introduced Larry Holmes to the sport and trained him through the early portions of his professional career.

Butler had a five-year managerial contract with Holmes, dated March 21, 1973, the day of Holmes' pro debut.

In December 1973, Butler entered into a contract with Don King under which the two men would be co-managers of Holmes, sharing the manager's end of the purses as 50-50 partners.

"I never got any money from the contract with Don King," Butler told Jack Newfield, author of The Life and Crimes of Don King: The Shame of Boxing in America. "Don was pushing me out, telling Larry I didn't know anything, that I didn't have the right connections to move him up."

By the middle of 1975, Butler was completely eased out of the picture. In October 1975, Butler filed a lawsuit against Holmes for breach of contract.

As soon as he filed the lawsuit, Butler said, he began receiving threatening and harassing phone calls in the middle of the night.

He also accused King of altering their 1973 contract and forging Butler's name to a new contract.

"I was depressed for a long time over I how got dumped," Butler told Newfield. [1]