Falk Huste

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Name: Falk Huste
Hometown: Frankfurt, Brandenburg, Germany
Birthplace: Greiz, Thüringen, Germany
Amateur Boxer: Record

Falk Huste (born: November 6, 1971 in Greiz, Thüringen, Germany) is a former German amateur boxer, who represented Germany as a featherweight at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games. Huste was a bronze medalist in the featherweight class at the 1995 World Championships and a silver medalist at the 1997 World Championships.

Olympic results

1996 (as a featherweight)

2000 (as a featherweight)

World Amateur Championships results

1995 (as a featherweight)

1997 (as a featherweight)

1999 (as a featherweight)