Felix Diaz

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Name: Felix Diaz
Birth Name: Felix Manuel Diaz Guzman
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Birthplace: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 166cm
Reach: 170cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Felix Manuel Diaz Guzman is a two-time Olympian who won the Olympic gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the Light welterweight division.

Diaz Guzman also won the Bronze medal at lightweight in the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo.

At the 2004 Olympics Diaz Guzman lost 28-16 to Serik Yeleuov, Kazakhstan at Lightweight (60 kg).

Olympic Games results

2004 in Athens, Greece (as a Lightweight).

2008 Gold medalist in Beijing, China (as a Light Welterweight).

World Amateur Championships results

2007 in Chicago, United States (as a Light Welterweight)

Pan American Games results

2003 Bronze medalist in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (as a Lightweight).

2007 in Rio de Janeiro (as a Light welterweight).