Larry Holmes vs. Renaldo Snipes

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Larry Holmes 213 lbs beat Renaldo Snipes 216 lbs by TKO at 1:05 in round 11 of 15


  • Announced on September 8.
  • The fight was billed as "Imminent Danger."
  • Holmes was such a heavy favorite that there was no betting line on the fight.
  • Holmes was paid $1.1 million, while Snipes got $175,000.
  • There was a crowd of 14,103 at the Civic Arena.
  • The fight was televised live in prime time on ABC-TV.
  • Early in the seventh round, Snipes dropped Holmes with a right. Holmes got up quickly and fell face first into a neutral-corner turnbuckle.
  • Forty-five seconds into the eleventh round, a Holmes right sent Snipes reeling sideways into his corner. Holmes moved to him quickly. Two rights and a hook to the body pinned Snipes to the corner. Holmes hammered three powerful rights to the head. As he was loading up to throw a fourth, Ortega stopped the onslaught.
  • While Holmes and Snipes were being interviewed by Howard Cosell after the fight, Holmes' brother Jake got into a fight with Snipes' manager, who thought the fight was stopped prematurely. Snipes then went after Holmes, and Cosell ducked for cover. During the melee, which was joined by a host of security guards, Snipes was pushed back against the Rev. Jim Williams, his trainer, who wielded a pair of scissors he intended to use to snip the tape from Snipes' hands. Instead, the scissors accidentally opened a deep cut in Snipes' left forearm that required 40 stitches.