Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Emanuel Augustus

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Floyd Mayweather Jr 134 lbs beat Emanuel Augustus 134 lbs by TKO at 1:06 in round 9 of 10


  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. 23-0 (17 KOs) vs. Emanuel Augustus (Burton) 22-16-4 (10 KOs)
  • At the time of this match, Augustus went by his birth name, Emanuel Burton. He adopted his father's last name of Augustus when his parents married in 2001.
  • Mayweather, the WBC super featherweight champion, fought Augustus in a non-title bout at lightweight.
  • Augustus entered with a record of 2-4 in his previous six bouts.
  • The was the first bout of a three fight deal that Mayweather signed with HBO.
  • Mayweather's purse was $250,000, Burton's purse was $20,000.
  • The two fighters did not have to be separated from a clinch in the entire bout.
  • Mayweather was very dominant in round seven. He landed 45 of 91 punches, while Augustus landed only 6 of 64.
  • Mayweather landed 287 of 669 punches (43%) and Augustus landed 108 of 526 (21%). [1], [2], [3]
  • HBO's unofficial judge Julie Lederman had Mayweather ahead 80-72 after 8 rounds. [4]
  • During a 2012 conference call with boxing reporters, Mayweather said Augustus was the toughest fighter he had faced. "I'm going to rate Emanuel Augustus first compared to all the guys that I've faced," Mayweather said. "He didn't have the best record in the sport of boxing, he has never won a world title, but he came to fight." [5]

Bout Summary

Mayweather worked over Augustus in the opening round with shots to the body and head. Augustus looked to slip some shots, but struggled against Mayweather's quickness landing only four punches. Augustus smiled and egged Floyd on as the round concluded. Augustus was more active offensively in Round 2 and had some success early. Mayweather took control midway through the round, however, and peppered Augustus with shots. A cut opened above Augustus's left eye in the round. To his credit, Augustus took them, came forward, and continued to exchange. Both fighters landed clean power shots in the opening minute of Round 3, before Mayweather regained control and repeatedly snapped back the head of Augustus. The two exchanged power shots and had to be separated as the round ended. By the end of the round, Augustus was bleeding from the nose and had developed swelling to the left eye. Mayweather fought much of Round 4 against the ropes and found success slipping punches and landing with counters. Several big right hands caught Augustus, but he never wavered in pressing the action. Floyd landed short shots in the opening minute of Round 5, to which, Augustus clowned as if not affected and danced. Mayweather began to bleed from the nose in the round and developed slight swelling to his left eye, but continued to land big punches against Augustus who was content to take shots for the opportunity to land counters. Augustus landed well in the first half of Round 6 as it appeared Mayweather was conserving some energy. He let his hands go in the last 30 seconds of the round and again landed well. Following the round Augustus, who now had some swelling to both eyes, was inhospitably examined by the ringside physician. Mayweather fought much of Round 7 in the southpaw stance and battered Augustus with flurries. Despite much of the steam from his shots having dwindled, Augustus still looked to trade. In the 7th Round, Mayweather landed 45 of 91 punches to Augustus's 6 of 64. Mayweather shook his right hand after the round,later saying he had injured it and threw many fewer rights for the remainder of the bout. Action was paused at 1:14 of Round 8 to allow the ringside physician to again check Augustus and look inside his left ear. After being examined, Augustus, angered by the request, told the physician, "There ain't nothing wrong with my ear.' and action continued. After the round, trainer Nelson Lopez told Augustus that if he didn't do something he was going to stop the fight. Mayweather pumped his opponent with jabs and left hooks in the opening minute of Round 9 with nothing in return from Augustus. At this, Lopez jumped up on the ring apron and waved for the referee to stop the fight.