Floyd Patterson vs. Pete Rademacher

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Rademacher suffers one of seven knockdowns against Patterson.

Floyd Patterson 187 lbs beat Pete Rademacher 202 lbs by KO at 2:57 in round 6 of 15

  • Date: 1957-08-22
  • Location: Sicks' Stadium, Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Referee: Tommy Loughran
  • World Heavyweight Championship (2nd defense by Patterson)
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  • Rademacher, the 1956 Olympic heavyweight champion, is the only boxer to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship in his first professional fight.
  • Rademacher talked 22 wealthy Georgians into putting up Patterson's guaranteed purse of $250,000.
  • Five days before the fight, former World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis called the bout "the worst mismatch in boxing history."
  • The day before the fight, the Associated Press reported that Patterson was a 10 to 1 betting favorite. The AP quoted a Seattle businessman as saying: "Nobody is betting—while sober."
  • The day of the fight, the United Press reported that there were no betting odds because the fight was considered to be a gross mismatch.
  • There was no live radio or television. Promoter Jack Hurley said plans to show the fight on closed circuit television were canceled due to the three-hour time difference between Seattle and the east coast.
  • A crowd of 16,961 produced a gate of $243,030.
  • Rademacher floored Patterson in the second round. Patterson came back to score seven knockdowns before Rademacher was counted out at 2:57 of the sixth round.
  • After the fight, Referee Tommy Loughran said of Rademacher: "He is the most courageous fighter I have ever seen."

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