Frank Hagney

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Name: Frank Hagney
Birthplace: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Died: 1973-06-25 (Age:89)
Stance: Orthodox
Pro Boxer: Record

  • As early as 1911 Hagney was rowing for prize money in his native Australia.
  • "Although Hagney may be a poor boxer, he is one of the best scullers in the world. Just how fast Hagney could scull was shown at the National Championships last year at Springfield, MA. The Australian, in a single scull, traveled along with the winning intermediate four of Duluth, MN for the length of the course and held his own all the way. He has also been a bicycle rider and wrestler." (December 1, 1915--New York Times)
  • From 1919 to l967, Hagney appeared in over 380 films and television shows, including 1926's The Fighting Marine with Gene Tunney. (Film credits)
  • In 1927, at age 43, he rowed from Long Beach to Catalina Island, California, in 5 hours and 41 minutes, finishing first in a field of 68 that included the world's sculling champion.