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Name: Gennady Kovalev
Birth Name: Геннадий Геннадиевич Ковалёв
Hometown: Kropotkin, Russia
Birthplace: Kropotkin, Russia
Amateur Boxer: Record

Gennady Gennadiyevich Kovalev (Russian: Геннадий Геннадиевич Ковалёв) (born 17 May 1983 in Kropotkin, Krasnodar Krai) is a boxer from Russia.

Southpaw Kovalev won the silver medal at the 2003 World Amateur Boxing Championships defeating Bahodirjon Sultonov but losing to Aghasi Mammadov at bantam, and a gold medal at the 2004 European Amateur Boxing Championships.

He participated in the 2004 Summer Olympics for his native country. There he was beaten in the quarterfinals of the Bantamweight (54 kg) division by Cuba's eventual winner Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Now at junior welterweight he won the Russian Championships 2007 against Alexander Maletin 37-21. At the World championships he beat Bradley Saunders to reach the finals but lost to defending Kazakh champion Serik Sapiyev 5-20.

Olympic results

2004 (as a bantamweight)

2008 (as a Light welterweight)

World amateur championships results

2003 (as a bantamweight)

2007 (as a Light welterweight)