George Chip

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George Chip

Name: George Chip
Alias: George Chipulonis
Hometown: New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA
Birthplace: Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 1960-11-06 (Age:72)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 173cm
Pro Boxer: Record

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  • Brother of Joe Chip
  • He started as a coal miner in the Madison area.
  • Died in New Castle, Pennsylvania after being hit by car.
  • Unverified fights, shown in 1913 Andrews record book: 1/30/1909, Billy Manfredo, Greensburg PA, W dsq 2; 2/3/1909, George Gill, Madison PA, W ko 2; 2/18/1909, John Chew, Greensburg PA, W ko 2; 12/2/1909, Battling Simpson, Herminie PA, ND-6.

Chip verifies his pro debut vs. Manfredo in this brief biographical sketch:

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