George Chuvalo vs. Bob Cleroux (1st meeting)

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Chuvalo (left) backed into a corner by Cleroux

Bob Cleroux 206 lbs beat George Chuvalo 211 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

  • Canadian Heavyweight Title (2nd defense of Chuvalo)
  • Weights: Chuvalo 210.5 lbs, Cleroux 206 lbs


  • A straw poll by Pat Curran of the Montreal Gazette had 7 of 10 ringside reporters scoring in favour of Chuvalo, agreeing with his own score 56-53.
  • Attendance was 18,014 with a gross gate of $62,800.
  • Each fighter received 25% of the gate.

"World-rated Robert Cleroux of Montreal stripped Toronto's George Chuvalo of the Canadian heavyweight crown Wednesday night with a 12 round split decision at Delorimier Stadium. Cleroux forced the fight all the way and that was undoubtedly the deciding factor for two of the three judges. Cleroux plodded forward in a crouch with his hands high to protect his head and Chuvalo appeared content to move back hooking and jabbing with the left hand. A few stiff rights by Cleroux scored but most were wild. They both bled slightly from the nose in the early part of the fight but the seconds stemmed the flow after the 6th round." -Canadian Press

  • Unofficial CP scorecard - 57-55 Chuvalo

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