Gustave Humery

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Name: Gustave Humery
Alias: Tiger Humery - Tatave
Hometown: Paris, France
Birthplace: Valenciennes, Nord, France
Died: 1976-07-06 (Age:67)
Height: 162cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Humery was of Hebrew heritage per the Hank Kaplan archives. During 1935 Humery was ranked by The Ring as the #4 ranked lightweight in the world.Won the French featherweight title in 1927-and won the French lightweight title in 1935 and the European lightweight title in 1937. Probably the highlights of his career, besides defeating Hall of Fame World Champions Al Brown and Jackie (Kid) Berg, and near Hall of Fame World Champion Eugene Criqui. Humery was considered by the French press to be a very exciting fighter whether winning or losing since many of his fights ended in knockouts!