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Name: Harris Martin
Alias: Black PearlGeorge Harris
Birth Name: George Harris Martin
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Died: 1903-04-26 (Age:38)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 168cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Harris Martin, whose real name appears to be George Harris Martin according to most newspaper sources, went by the fighting name of "The Black Pearl." He was one of the most famous black fighters of the 19th Century. A good amount of his career fights have not been uncovered, as most Minneapolis and Saint Paul newspapers all claim in his obituary that he had won more than 100 fights. After knocking out Black Frank in a fight to the finish with 2 oz gloves in Minneapolis in 1888, Martin tried claiming the Colored Middleweight Championship of the World. Few fight reporters disagreed. Frank had come into the fight, a reported 30 pounds heavier than the Pearl, which upset him no small amount. After delivering the final KO whallop in the 38th round, Martin was reported to have carried Frank like a baby in his arms through the ropes to a grassy knoll to help revive him.

In 1888, "The Black Pearl" hired the former Colored Lightweight Champion, George Phillips to be his full-time trainer. The Pearl died on April 26, 1903, while crossing the street in Saint Paul. He had suffered a heart attack and collapsed near the street curb. See story [1]

Minnesota Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee, Class of 2010 [2]

1887: Feb 7 Prof. Hadley St. Paul, MN EXH 3 Apr 23 Black Frank St. Paul, MN EXH 3

  • Image of Harris's gravesite in Maplewood, MN, USA
  • CBZ page: [3]