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Name: Henry Hascup
Hometown: Lodi, New Jersey, USA
Birthplace: Paterson, New Jersey, USA
Supervisor: Record

Henry Hascup is a noted boxing historian and ring announcer [1], who is famous as the man called upon to give the eulogy at the funeral of hundreds of deceased boxers, calling on his historical expertise in the field of boxing to tell their families the story of the boxer's life in the ring.

Contents 1 Early life 2 A real-life Mike Brady of The Brady Bunch 3 Contributions to boxing 4 Career as announcer of over 1,000 amateur and professional bouts, and the famed 9 count 5 Charitable endeavors, and the man of boxing eulogies 6 Role as boxing and sports historian 7 References

Early life

After some time in Foster Homes, Hascup moved back with his real parents where he attended Passaic County Tech High School in Paterson, New Jersey. A championship caliber runner with a tall, slender frame, He won the 1966 state tech cross country championship, and was named to the All-Passaic County Cross Country 1st Team. He worked as a supervisor at Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) for 37 years until retirement. Hascup is married with eight children and 22 grandchildren.

A real-life Mike Brady of The Brady Bunch

Hascup was a single parent with four children and a Siberian Husky, and in a scene worthy of the late actor Robert Reed, who played Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) on the television series 'The Brady Bunch', Hascup met and married another single parent, his wife Joyce, who also had four children and a Siberian Husky. The married couple then took in another two children, to complete a Cinderella human interest story of a real life 'Brady Bunch' household. "We had eight children, four of hers, four of mine, and we even took in two other kids, so we (my wife Joyce and I) ended up with ten kids, two dogs, and us two!" [2]

Contributions to boxing

Henry Hascup's contributions to the sport of boxing are too numerous to list. His most noteworthy endeavors to date, which continue to advance the sport of boxing, include: President of the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame since January 1986; President of the New Jersey Diamond Gloves competition since January 1988 (Amateur Golden Gloves); President of the AAIB, which awards scholarships to young boxers who want to go to college since January 2021. President of the New Jersey Association of USA Boxing, which oversees amateur boxing from 2010 to 2016; Contributing editor of Boxrec online, dealing with ring records of professional boxers and officials; Charter member of the International Boxing Research Organization; International Boxing Hall of Fame Voting member for all 5 Committees; New York State Boxing Hall of Fame Voting member; Las Vegas Boxing Hall of Fame Voting member; Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame Voting Member; Boxing historian & Secretary and former Vice President for Ring 8; Serving as Master of Ceremonies for many sporting events in the Metropolitan New York-New Jersey region [3]

Career as announcer of over 1,000 amateur and professional shows, and the famed 9 count

Hascup has served as ring announcer for over 1,000 amateur (which he never charged a penny) and professional shows, most frequently in New York State, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. He is known for the 9 count (rather than the traditional 10 count ringing of the bell) for fallen boxers. As for why Hascup rings a 9 count for fallen boxers and luiminaries (instead of the traditional 10 count) instead of 10 count, according to Hascup, "A small part of them (the departed fighter) will stay with the family and friends, and help to perpetuate and live on the memory of that fighter, a small part of them to the next generation. The 10 count is final, the 9 count is not. [4]

Charitable endeavors, and the man of boxing eulogies

Through his work with the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, Hascup's ongoing charitable endeavors help out down and out boxers financially, as well as his paying for funeral processions and tombstones of departed fighters. "Through the efforts of our New Jersey Hall of Fame board members, we personally visit ex-fighters in need, help them, bring them groceries, call them, and let them know somebody cares, so they (the boxers) are not forgotten," explained Hascup. Incredibly, Hascup has done close to 300 eulogies for departed boxers, trainers and luminaries known to the sport, including such well known names as Emile Griffith, Gil Clancy, Howie Albert, Arturo Gatti, Joey Giardello, Tippy Larkin, Rocky Castellini, Joe Miceli, Jimmy Dupree, Paul Cavalier, Johnny Colon, Steve Acunto, Charlie Gellman, Stefan Redl, Al Certo, Lou Duva and Rocky Lockridge. [5]

Role as boxing and sports historian

Known as 'the uncrowned king of sports information', sports writers from all over the world call Hascup at his home in Lodi, New Jersey, to verify sports information as factual. [6] A trivia expert of all sports, Hascup's collection of rare boxing books, magazines, gloves and memorabilia goes back hundreds of years, to the 1800's. His collection includes over 10,000 sports magazines and 2000 sports books. [7] It provides an invaluable resource when the time comes to research a fighter before: presenting an award or recognition; writing a biography talking about a fighter's accomplishments and achievements in the ring; and most importantly-at the required moment when Hascup's presence is needed to deliver a departed boxer's eulogy.


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