Jack Turner

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Name: Jack Turner
Hometown: Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Died: 1985-03-00 (Age:86)
Pro Boxer: Record

Jack Turner a boxer in Manchester, England, before he moved to Bournemouth--was a boxing manager for over forty years, until his death circa 1984. (He also ran a boxing booth.) Turner reportedly was a very popular manager and liked by all of his boxers. He had a brother, Bob Turner, who was also a boxing manager. and promoter. The Turner Brothers had three gyms: one in lower Parkstone, another at the Cricketers Arms in Pokesdown (Bournemouth), and the third at Westover Road. By 1963, Turner was living at No 7 Terrace Road--the old home of the Mills family.

He managed the following boxers, among others: Jimmy Redman, Freddie Mills, Sid Falconer, Con Mount Bassie, Ivor Evans, Billy Fuller, Harry Legge, Ivor Thomas, Jimmy Albin, Ted Sherwood, Johnny Ware, Tommy Moran, Vernon Goodman, Paul Cassidy, Dudley Cox, Peter Fay, Teddy Peckham, Jack Mason, Jimmy Jury, Ted Mason, Billy Smith, Mike Hughes, Stan Nelson, George Wellman, Eddie Baker, Frank Bassinger, Doug Mitchell, Jack Lewis, Gordon Goodman, Sid Falconer Sr., Sid Falconer, Jackie Moran, Dave Harris, Young Dixie, Tom Bruffin, Ray Howard, Steve Curtis, Frankie Renshaw, Jim Riley, Jim Bryan, Ken Johnson, Paul King, Bert Dixon, Billy Johnson, Johnny Syriad, Alan Bursey, Roy Wellesley, Jim Donaldson, Dick Wheller, Harold Sansom, Reg Hyde, Mickey Evans, Charlie Mitchell, Ken Wells, Willie Owen, Micky Acourt, Sea Cadet Jones, Ted Kelly, Young Webster, Young Ayley, Young Hiscock, Terry Warren, Eric Thompson, Cyril Carney, Bill Dixon, Reg Davis, Harry Barratt, Taffy Davis, George Hesketh, Slugger Wilson, Young Barfoot, Curley Stevens, Fred Lennington, Tommy Lyness, George Cannell, Dave Kelso, Kid Connor, Terry Gordon, Georges Bradby, Jack Scott, Morry Russel and Jimmy Redmond, and Jack Taylor