Jimmy Ellis vs. Floyd Patterson

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Patterson (left) and Ellis exchange punches.

Floyd Patterson 188 lbs lost to Jimmy Ellis 198 lbs by PTS in round 15 of 15

  • Date: 1968-09-14
  • Location: Råsunda Fotbollsstadion, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Referee: Harold Valan 6-9


  • Ellis was a 2½ to 1 favorite.
  • The fight was shown on color television in Sweden, which was a rare event.
  • ABC televised the fight in the United States.
  • Introduced in the ring prior to the fight were Harry Persson, Lennart Risberg and Olle Tandberg.
  • This was the 109th boxing show and first world title fight for promoter Edwin Ahlqvist.
  • Ellis was guaranteed $125,000 or 40 percent of the revenue, whichever was higher. Patterson received 20 percent of the revenue.
  • The fight was expected to pull in a total of $400,000.
  • According to the Associated Press, there was a crowd of about 30,000.
  • The fight was held outdoors on a 50-degree night.
  • Ellis suffered a broken nose in the first round, and he was cut over his right eye in the fourth.
  • Referee Harold Valan, who was the sole judge, scored nine rounds for Ellis and six rounds for Patterson. He gave Ellis the first, third, fifth, sixth, seventh, ninth, eleventh, twelfth and fifteenth. Patterson was awarded the second, fourth, eighth, tenth, thirteenth and fourteenth. "Ellis landed the most punches," Valan said, "and you have to score for the man who lands the punches."
  • The crowd booed the decision and chanted Patterson's name.
  • The New York Times scored the fight 7-6-2 for Ellis, and the Associated Press had it 7-4-4 in favor of Patterson. In a poll of eight ringside sportswriters by United Press International, six scored the fight for Patterson and two for Ellis.