Jimmy Grippo

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Bettina & Grippo

Born: September 28, 1906
Died: October 1982 in Tuckahoe, NY, USA

Career as a Magician

James V. (Jimmy) Grippo was a well known magician and hypnotist from the 1930s through the 1980s. Originally from Beacon Hill, New York, he eventually became the in-house magician at Caesars Palace, when the casino opened in 1966. He was considered to be a master of sleight-of-hand. His stage act often featured him pulling out a specific card from a deck of card, removing money from behind someone's ear, and putting people under hypnosis, among other tricks.

Work in boxing

His involvement in boxing consisted of managing Beacon Hill Light Heavyweight Melio Bettina, whom he was able to guide to the World Light Heavyweight Title. He often hypnotized Bettina, telling him under hypnosis things such as, "You will be courageous, you will be bold", "You will feel no pain, and you will conquer." Tiger Jack Fox would later claim to his grave that he was a victim of the "evil eye" by Grippo, which Fox used as one of his excuses for his loss to Bettina in 1939.