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Name: Joe Beckett
Hometown: Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Birthplace: Wickham, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Died: 1965-03-12 (Age:72)
Height: 179cm
Reach: 183cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Joe Beckett was of Jewish heritage per an article in the Hartford Courant by Albert W. Keane, dated July 19th, 1927, analyzing the promise of heavyweight Jewish fighters. He was best known in America for his two disastrous performances against Georges Carpentier.

Other bouts for Joe Beckett with unknown dates and venues.
Won Pts [7] - L/C Dyer, Pte, Bancroft, Seaman McMillan, Seaman Nichols, Seaman Ponsford, Jim Hearne, Seaman Broadbent;
Won KO [2] - Albert Lawner, Seaman Nichols;
Won TKO [1] - Fred Ball;
Drew [1] - Seaman McMillan;
Lost Pts [1] - Young Pughey;
Lost KO [1] - Packey Mahoney;
Won KO [2] - Billy Welsh, Rifleman Barrington;
Won TKO [1] - Pte. Casling;
Won Pts [1] - Montana Dan Sullivan;
Won KO [1] - Stoker Smith;
Lost Disq [1] - Antoine Pollet;
Won Pts [1] - Harry Curzon;
Won KO [1] - Len Sexton;
Won TKO [2] - Harry Curzon, Harry Curzon;
Won Pts [1] - Cpl. McDonald;
Won KO [5] - Pte. Teal, Sgt. Courtier, Billy Nash, A/M Leary, Sgt. Borthwick;
Won TKO [6] - Pte. Teal, Pte. Jennings, Driver Swift, A/M Lilley, Val Harris, Cpl. Stephenson.