Joey Maxim vs. Sugar Ray Robinson

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Robinson hits Maxim with a right
Robinson collapses in the 13th round

Ray Robinson 157 lbs lost to Joey Maxim 173 lbs by RTD in round 13 of 15

  • Date: 1952-06-25
  • Location: Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York, USA
  • Referee: Ruby Goldstein


  • The fight was originally scheduled for June 23 but was postponed because of rain.
  • Robinson was a slight betting favorite.
  • Maxim had a two-inch height advantage, but Robinson had a one-inch reach advantage.
  • Tale of the tape.
  • There was no home TV or radio for the fight. 39 theaters in 25 cities carried the bout on closed circuit television.
  • Maxim and Robinson each received 30% of the net gate.
  • There was a crowd of 47,968.
  • The gross gate was $421,696.
  • Maxim was warned for elbowing, and Robinson was admonished for holding.
  • The temperature on the night of the fight was 103 degrees. Referee Ruby Goldstein, overcome by the heat, was replaced by Ray Miller after the tenth round.
  • Robinson, suffering from heat exhaustion and Maxim's harder punches, was unable to come out for the 14th round. It was the only time Robinson was stopped in 200 professional fights.
  • At the time of the stoppage, Robinson led by scores of 10-3, 9-3-1 and 7-3-3. The Associated Press had Robinson ahead 9-3-1, and the United Press had him in front 10-2-1.
  • Robinson retired after this fight, but he returned to the ring in 1955.


  • Joey Maxim: "I was way behind, and I knew it. But I also knew I had him if I didn't run out of rounds."
  • Jack Kearns (Maxim's manager): "The heat talk is an alibi and excuse. Robinson was nailed good in the belly in the tenth round and again in the twelfth and he got a left hook and a right to the head at the end of the thirteenth, when he was on the ropes. If the bell hadn't a rang he'd be dead. It was the way we planned it. We had Joey lay back and let Robinson punch himself out."

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