Johnny Grosso

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Name: Johnny Grosso
Hometown: Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Died: 1932-10-14 (Age:27)
Height: 183cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Managers: Mike Valentine; Billy Gibson
Grosso served as sparring partner for Jack Sharkey in 1930.

Mount Vernon, NY. October 13, 1932 wire report: "Johnny Grosso, a former sparring partner of Gene Tunney and Jack Sharkey and, according to police a petty racketeer, was instantly killed this morning by a fusillade of shots fired from a passing automobile as he stood outside a restaurant at the corner of Gramatlan and Sydney Avenues. He was struck in the back by four bullets. Police claimed he was involved in racketeering and was to have gone to trial in White Plains on Monday to face an assault charge."

Grosso's photograph appeared in THE RING several times, such as in the September 1926 issue, page 29, and the November 1926 issue, page 35.