Johnny Summers

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Name: Johnny Summers
Birth Name: John William Somers
Hometown: Canning Town, London, United Kingdom
Birthplace: Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Died: 1946-03-28 (Age:63)
Height: 165cm
Pro Boxer: Record

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Johnny Summers fought professionally from 1900 to 1920. His record is said to be 179 bouts total: 104 - 32 - 29, with one no contest and 13 no decisions. (British Boxing Year Book 1988). Per T. S. Andrews's WORLD'S ANNUAL SPORTING RECORDS (1915), pp. 115-116, Summers was born Jan. 21, 1883, Custom House, England. Most of the bouts in this record, from the start of his career to 1913, come from the Andrews's record book. Undated bouts:1900 wko1 P. Malloy