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Name: Johnny Wilson
Alias: Giovanni Francesco Panica
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Died: 1985-12-08 (Age:92)
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 175cm
Reach: 183cm
Pro Boxer: Record

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Johnny Wilson was born and raised in the Italian sector of East Harlem, New York. He was a boyhood chum of mobster Frank Costello. After his boxing career ended, he managed several nighclubs in New York and Boston. Wilson died December 8, 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Early Record

The early activity of Wilson is a mystery. Here is a list of supposed early fights, mentioned in various record books, which have not been verified:

  • George Cunningham, possibly occurring in New York, W KO-2
  • Al King, No decision, 4
  • Red O'Keefe, W KO-2
  • Frankie Farley, W KO-3
  • Steve Callahan, No decision, 6
  • Frankie Young, W KO-4
  • Dodo Maher, No decision, 6
  • Jimmy Riley, W KO-3
  • Kid Bolt, No decision, 6
  • Joe Fox, No decision, 6
  • Frankie McGarry, W KO-7
  • Charlie Albert, W KO-1
  • Joe Marto, W KO-6
  • Heinie Ferrino, No decision, 6
  • Freddie Gunther, No decision, 6
  • Tommy O'Keefe, W KO-4
  • Young Sally, W KO-1
  • Red Cleary, W KO-4
  • Billy McGrave, W KO-1
  • Eddie Smith, W KO-2
  • Fred Walsh, W KO-3
  • Mike Farrell, W KO-1
  • Joe Motto, W KO-6

Wilson is also supposed to have been knocked out in 4 rounds by Italian Joe Gans in 1917, to have scored a two-round knockout over Battling Joe Carroll (a name once used by Young Kloby) in 1919, and to have scored a 3-round knockout over "Scotty Coyne" in 1919, but these fights have not been verified either. "Scotty Coyne" is probably a misspelling of the name of Cyclone Scott, whose meeting with Wilson is shown in the record.

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