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Name: Juan Francisco Rodriguez
Birth Name: Juan Francisco Rodriguez Marquez
Hometown: Almeria, Andalucía, Spain
Birthplace: Almeria, Andalucía, Spain
Died: 2019-04-16 (Age:69)
Height: 156cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Amateur accomplishments

  • 1970 Spanish Bantamweight Champ
  • 1971 Spanish Bantamweight Champ
  • 1971 European (Junior) Champion Bantamweight
  • 1971 European Bantamweight Champion
  • 1972 Olympian Bantamweight (Losing to Alfonso Zamora)
  • 1974 3rd World Championships in Havana at Bantamweight
  • 1976 Olympian Bantamweight

Olympic results