Kevin McBride vs. Mike Tyson

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Kevin McBride 271 lbs beat Mike Tyson 233 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 6 of 10

  • Promoter: Raging Promotions


  • There was a crowd of 15,472.
  • The fight was televised live on pay-per-view and replayed on Showtime the following weekend.
  • McBride's purse was $150,000.
  • Tyson's purse was $5.5 million. However, according to documents filed with a U.S. bankruptcy court, Tyson was expected to receive only $250,000, with most of the after-taxes purse going to his ex-wife, Monica Turner, and his creditors.
  • Jeff Fenech trained Tyson for the fight.
  • Early in the sixth round, Tyson tried to break McBride's left arm while the two were in a clinch, as he did when he fought Francois Botha in 1999. Tyson then opened a cut over McBride's left eye with an intentional headbutt. The ringside doctor examined the cut, and referee Joe Cortez deducted two points from Tyson for the foul. McBride later claimed that Tyson bit one of his nipples.
  • Right as the bell sounded to end the sixth round, Tyson went down on his backside along the ropes, but the referee ruled it a slip. An exhausted Tyson didn't look like he wanted to get up, but he eventually did and slowly went back to his corner. Moments later, he quit on his stool.
  • The Washington Post reported: "McBride is fortunate that Tyson decided to quit. Despite out-classing Tyson in five of the six rounds, two judges, Tammye Jenkins and Stephen Rados, still had Tyson leading, 57-55, when the fight was stopped."
  • Tyson, who lost three of his last four fights, announced his retirement after losing to McBride.
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Post-Fight Quotes

  • Tyson: "I do not have the guts to be in this sport anymore. I don't want to disrespect the sport that I love. My heart is not into this anymore. I'm sorry for the fans who paid for this. I wish I could have done better."
  • McBride: "Tyson is crazy. He bit my nipple. I didn't realize it at first but he had his teeth around it. I just felt a strange sensation and then realized what he'd done."