Kid Galahad (1937)

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  • 1937 film starring Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart. (To be distinguished from the 1962 Elvis Presley boxing musical film.)
  • Plot summary (from Wikipedia): Ward Guisenberry (Wayne Morris) is a sweet and naïve young man. He is working as a bellhop so that he can save enough money to buy a farm. However, during his first night at work, while trying to protect “Fluff” Phillips (Bette Davis), he inadvertently becomes involved in a fight. Soon, he is part of the dangerous world of boxing and is called Kid Galahad. Nick Donati (Edward G. Robinson) is his tough talking manager. Although he initially views Galahad as a joke, he soon realizes that Galahad has potential. He attempts to use Galahad to retaliate against Turkey Morgan (Humphrey Bogart), a racketeer who sets up a fixed championship bout. Complications soon emerge when both “Fluff,” Nick’s girlfriend, and Marie Donati (Jane Bryan), Nick’s sister, fall in love with Galahad. Infuriated, Nick turns against his boxer… leading to a tragic conclusion.
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  • The world title bout at the end of this film includes a cameo appearance by well-known manager and referee George Blake as the third man in the ring, and may have been filmed in the Olympic Auditorium.