Larry Holmes vs. Scott Frank

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Larry Holmes 223 lbs beat Scott Frank 211 lbs by TKO at 1:28 in round 5 of 12


  • Holmes earned $1.5 million, while Frank was paid $350,000.
  • The fight was held in a tent erected adjacent to Harrah's Marina.
  • A sold-out crowd of 5,187 paid $580,000 to see the fight.
  • The fight was televised live on NBC.

Holmes retains title with TKO

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (UPI) - Unbeaten Larry Holmes, in what amounted to little more than target practice, successfully defended his World Boxing Council heavyweight title for the 16th time Saturday night, with a fifth-round technical knockout over a totally outclassed Scott Frank.

Holmes, 33, who says he will retire after two more fights, laid punch after punch on Frank before unleashing a savage flurry in the fifth round. Holmes sent a crashing right to the face and Frank buckled in his own corner, grabbing his face in obvious pain.

Frank was up at four and Holmes was waved in and delivered more punishment. Holmes quickly laid a left-right Holmes combination that buckled the challenger once again as referee Tony Perez jumped in to stop the onslaught at 1:28 of the round.

Frank, who was cocky throughout as he took Holmes' punches and waved at the champion, appeared angry at Perez's decision to stop the fight.

It was obvious from the outset that Frank was no match for Holmes. Holmes tattooed the challenger with several jabs in the first round and started following with thunderous rights. Frank's eye was swollen after the first round and Holmes continued to deliver right hands to the blackened eye.

Late in the second, Holmes unleashed a ripping right uppercut as Frank staggered into the ropes. Again in the third, Holmes was all over the challenger, measuring him with a left hand and sending in punishing rights behind his snapping jab. Holmes bloodied Frank's nose midway through the round with yet another right.

Another Holmes blitz early in the fourth round started swelling Frank's right eye and the champion continued to deliver punishment. Holmes unleashed a left hook followed by a right in the fourth that stopped the challenger in his tracks. But Frank continued to taunt the champion by waving his hand as Holmes moved in to deliver more punishment.