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Name: Leach Cross
Alias: The Fighting Dentist
Birth Name: Louis Charles Wallach
Hometown: New York, New York, USA
Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Died: 1957-09-07 (Age:71)
Height: 170cm
Reach: 170cm
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Leach Cross (born Louis C. Wallach, and one of the many boxing Cross brothers--along with Sam, Phil, Dave, Marty, Monte, Tommy and Johnny) began boxing in 1906, taking part in almost 150 ring battles. Although he never won a title, he was known for his gameness and thus was very popular. (See also: [1])

In 1916, he retired for the first time after he had acquired considerable wealth, and a dental degree from New York University. (In March 1914, according to documents he filed with the Internal Revenue Service, he had netted $28,000 for the previous ten months. [2])

He then went to Los Angeles, where one of his ventures was a private gymnasium. He staged a comeback in 1921, not because of financial distress, but to prove that he could still cope with the youngsters after a five year layoff. Returning to California, he erected an apartment complex, which he managed himself, while still running his dental practice. He soon returned to New York, however, and had successful dental offices on Columbus Circle, in the Bronx and on Fourteenth Street.

He was also a boxing referee and judge.

According to the April 22, 1920 Tacoma News Tribune, Cross had signed with Universal Studios in Los Angeles to appear in an 18-episode serial entitled "The Vanishing Dagger" with Eddie Polo.

In 1922, after his final retirement from the ring, he had his name changed legally to "Leach Cross."