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Name: Lee Sala
Hometown: Donora, Pennsylvania, USA
Birthplace: Donora, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 2012-12-03 (Age:85)
Height: 179cm
Judge: Record
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record


A former professional boxer himself, Lee Sala went on to become a well-known referee.

Sala was a leading contender for the middleweight boxing title in the late 1940s and early 1950s. His boxing career spanned seven years, from 1946 to 1953. During his career Sala compiled a record of 76 wins and 7 losses, with 48 knockouts. Before gaining fame in the boxing ring, Sala spent two years in the Navy on the battleship Iowa during World War II, serving most of his time in the South Pacific. Sala started his boxing career after being honorably discharged by the Navy. He had a 47-fight winning streak and faced numerous highly ranked fighters. After Sala retired from boxing, he and his wife, Adeline, moved to Tampa, Fla. Sala stayed involved with boxing, refereeing fights occasionally. He later became a deputy sheriff in Hillsborough County. By Eddy Montalvo