Leif Hvalby

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Leif Hvalby (born in 1934,died 31.august 2011) was an amateur Norwegian boxer who had a 203 fight career from 1950-1957.( 195 wins 8 losses ) He started in the Oslo club IF Ornulf in 1946 under the guidance of Haakon Hansen and became Norwegian champion 1957 and 1958. Represented Norway three times, all wins against Sweden (twice) and Denmark. Three times Oslo champion. Among his finest wins were three victories over future pros Roy Askvold and the Finn Mauri Backmann. Had five legendary fights with Leif Baggis Hansen, later pro and promoter (who failed to persuade Hvalby into a pro career). Hvalby was a sparring partner for the Danish European Boxing Union Champion Chris Christensen from 1957-1961, and the Austrian Hugo Kohler in 1965 for his two pro fights in Oslo. Together with his wife Hvalby founded the sucessful " Sentrum Bokseklubb " in 1965 which has produced a yearly amount of Norwegian champions ever since. He currently (2010) is still a famous amateur trainer to Norwegians. In August 2009 he was awarded The King of Norway's Medal of Merit,silver, for his more than 40 years of contribution to boxing, both as a sport and a social institution.