Matthew Saad Muhammad vs. John Conteh (1st meeting)

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Matthew Saad Muhammad (left) vs. John Conteh

Matthew Saad Muhammad 172 lbs beat John Conteh 175 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15


  • Unofficial Big Book of Boxing scorecard - 143-143 Draw
  • Saad Muhammad's purse was $150,000, and Conteh's was $50,000.
  • Saad Muhammad suffered a bad cut over his left eye and another one on the side of his nose from a headbutt in the fifth round that was ruled accidental by referee Carlos Padilla.
  • Conteh was knocked down twice in the 14th round. [1]
  • Adolph Ritacco and Nick Belflore, Saad Muhammad's corner men, were suspended by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission for using an illegal adrenalin chloride solution mixed with ground tea leaves to stop the bleeding from the cut above his left eye. The WBC, which allowed only Vaseline or adrenalin chloride 1-1000 to be used on cuts, declared the bout a no contest and ordered an immediate rematch. [2]