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Name: Meyer Cohen
Alias: KidTed Carson Young Cohen
Hometown: Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA
Birthplace: Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 1966-11-26 (Age:62)
Height: 170cm
Judge: Record
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Meyer Cohen was a Hebrew fighter managed by Jimmy Bronson and Lou Brown. His record appeared in several editions of the EVERLAST BOXING RECORD (1926-29), but there are errors in these records.

The record given here has been checked for accuracy against newspapers and other contemporary publications. The fights are accurate as to results, dates, and locations.

Some of Cohen's early fights, given in his published records, have not yet been traced. These are as follows, but the years listed may not be accurate:

1923: Eddie Paul, W ko 1; Tommy Jackson, W ko 2; Johnny Pierce, W ko 3; Jack Siger, W ko 3; Kid Decker, W Points 8; Dave Webber, L Points 6. 1924: Joe Soupe, W ko 2; Jack Harrison, W ko 3; Johnny Corcoran, W ko 3; Phil Roberts, W ko 4; Johnny Williams, W ko 3. It is also likely that there are some bouts missing that are not on this list.