Mike Tyson vs. Carl Williams

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Mike Tyson 219 lbs beat Carl Williams 218 lbs by TKO at 1:33 in round 1 of 12


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  • Tyson vs. Williams aired live on HBO.
  • This was the second time that Williams fought for the World Heavyweight Championship. With a record of 15-0, he faced Larry Holmes on May 20, 1985, and lost by a fifteen-round unanimous decision.
  • This bout was not the first time Tyson and Williams had faced each other in the ring. The two sparred in late July and early August of 1983 in White Plains, New York. Tyson was a 17-year-old amateur, and Williams was a 23-year-old professional who was 11-0. The sparring sessions were filmed, and HBO showed a portion of one session before the fight. HBO commentator Jim Lampley said, "In most of the video tape footage we've seen from those sparring sessions, Williams was able to control Tyson with his jab and occasionally landed right crosses which seemed to bother the young amateur." He added, "It's a different Carl Williams tonight and, of course, a different Mike Tyson whom he will be facing."
  • Williams entered the fight as the IBF's No. 1 heavyweight contender.
  • Williams' plan was to work behind his left jab and tie up Tyson whenever the champion got inside. One minute and fifteen seconds into the fight, Williams hit Tyson with a stiff left jab. When Williams threw another jab, Tyson slipped the punch by moving his head to his left and countered with a left hook that caught Williams on the jaw, sending the challenger down to the canvas. Williams slumped back when he first attempted to rise, but he was able to get up at the count of eight. Referee Randy Neumann took a look at Williams and stopped the fight. Williams protested the stoppage as many in the crowd booed Neumann's decision.
  • As Williams fell, he and Tyson butted heads. Due to the butt, Williams tried to have the result of the bout changed to a no contest. His request was denied.
  • Program Cover, Fight Flyer.

Post-Fight Comments

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  • "My right hand is my better punch, but I never hit anyone with it. It is always my left hook. The hardest part is getting in to throw the left. Once I'm inside—bing—I throw it. There is nobody that can beat me. I love doing this. No man is invincible, but I will take all comers to find out." - Mike Tyson.
  • "He [Neumann] asked was I all right. I put my hands up. I thought that was it. What can I say? You seen it. What? Is there a one-knockdown rule? I've been down two, three times in fights. I could see if I was hurt or wobbly. . . . I wasn't hurt. Obviously, I was stunned because I went down." - Carl Williams.
  • "He [Neumann] acted on impulse. Had he known of Carl's past performance, he wouldn't have stopped the fight. Carl's been down before and he got up and performed." - Carmen Graziano, Williams' trainer.
  • "I had a 10-second judgment to make, and he [Williams] could not answer a very simple question. That, plus the look in his eyes, told me he was not in very good shape. Yes, he was holding his hands up, but I was looking for more of a response than that. He closed his eyes for a couple of seconds, and then I got a blank stare. I asked him, 'Are you all right?' and didn't get an answer. I had 38 fights, I'd been there, too. When you get up from a knockdown, you gotta be ready to fight, not just be an erect target. Most fighters will go out of their way to show you they're ready to continue. He didn't do that." - Referee Randy Neumann.
  • "Can I tell you something?. I would love to fight Evander Holyfield. Right now, tonight. How about if we go down in the cellar right now, and the one who comes back up the stairs with the key is the champion?" - Mike Tyson.