Morrie Schlaifer

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Name: Morrie Schlaifer
Alias: "The Fighting Fool" "Jack Ryan"
Birth Name: Morris Schlaifer
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Died: 1959-01-18 (Age:58)
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Per the Feb. 6, 1925 Daily News Searchlight newspaper of Bremerton, WA, USA, Morris Schlaifer was also known as the "Murdering Jew."

Records about Morris Schlaifer are difficult to navigate. There was a Morris Edward Schlaifer born Feb. 4, 1895 in Omaha and who died in 1980 in Westchester, NY. He worked as a clerk in the embassy from 1917-1920, and was 5'7" inches tall. He sort of fits but a passport picture doesn't look like the same person. Also, in his two draft cards (WWI and WWII) he is listed as "fair" complexioned, and the boxer Schlaifer does not look "fair." (He also is wearing glasses in his passport photo)

There is a Morris Schlaifer born April 1, 1894, in Russia, who died in 1978 in Florida. There is little reason to believe this Morris is the boxer Schlaifer other than faulty genealogy from family trees in Ancestry.Com. They seem to just have taken a leap of faith that he is the same one and put his name in as a child of Abraham Schlaifer of Omaha. There is no record of a Morris Schlaifer who is a child of Abraham in any census data. However, there is a "Boris" who is his child, and is in the 1910 and 1930 censuses, living with him. He lived 1901-1959. He could be mistakenly reported as "Boris" instead of "Morris." The first one, Morris Edward Schlaifer, and Boris Schlaifer, son of Abraham appear related. The Morris Schlaifer who died in Florida is not related.

There is a 1923 newspaper story that said Schlaifer the boxer was 21 at the time, which seems more in line with where he was in his career, than age 26 or 27--which he would have been if he had been born in 1894 and 1895.

His obituary is in the January 19, 1959 edition of the Columbus Daily Telegram. He died at age 57 of a heart attack in Omaha on January 18, 1959. His obit says he made $100,000 in boxing but was hounded by creditors after he retired. It also reports that he started fighting at 17 under the name "Jack Ryan" and was nicknamed "The Fighting Fool." And that Mickey Walker called him the hardest hitter he had ever faced.