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Name: Muhammadqodir Abdullaev
Birth Name: Mohammadqodir Abdullaev
Hometown: Andijan, Uzbekistan
Birthplace: Andijan, Uzbekistan
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 171cm
Reach: 169cm
Inspector: Record
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Trainer: Fritz Sdunek
Manager and Promoter: Klaus-Peter Kohl

Olympic Games Results

Represented Uzbekistan at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics (as a Lightweight)

Represented Uzbekistan at the 2000 Sydney Olympics (as a Light Welterweight) winning the Gold medal.

World Championships results

  • 1993 World Championships participant in Tampere, Finland as a Featherweight.
  • 1997 World Championships participant in Budapest, Hungary as a Lightweight.
  • Lost to Matt Zegan (Poland) 3-10
  • 1999 World Championships Gold medallist in Houston, United States as a Light Welterweight.
  • Defeated Aydin Gasanov (Russia) 10-6
  • Defeated Ricardo Williams Jr. (United States) 11-4
  • Defeated Sergey Bykovskiy (Belarus) 7-1
  • Defeated Lukas Konecny (Czech Republic) 12-2
  • Defeated Willy Blain (France) 11-6

Other Amateur Achievements

  • Claimed amateur record: 288-12
  • 1995 Asian Championships Silver medallist in Tashkent, Uzbekistan as a Lightweight.
  • 1997 Asian Championships Gold medallist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a Lightweight.
  • 1998 World Cup Gold medallist in Chongqing, China as a Light Welterweight.
  • 1998 Asian Games Gold medallist in Bangkok, Thailand as a Light Welterweight.
  • 1999 Asian Championships Gold medallist in Tashkent, Uzbekistan as a Light Welterweight.