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Name: Neven Pajkic
Alias: No Surrender
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birthplace: Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 191cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Neven "No Surrender" Pajkic fought Tyson Fury in Manchester, England for the latter's Commonwealth heavyweight title November 12th, 2011 and scored a stunning knockdown of the Manchester Goliath in the second round, then hurt him again seconds before the end of the round, Fury being saved by clutching and hanging on for dear life. Pajkic attacked again in round three and was pummeled and wrestled to the canvas. When he regained his feet, instead of back-peddling, he attacked the huge specimen in front of him and was cuffed and pushed to the canvas again. Again he rose up and attacked Fury, only to have an over-anxious referee step in and award the match to the local lad.

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