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The Portland Civic Auditorium was Portland's main boxing venue from the late 1920s through the early 1960s. Located at SW 3rd and Clay. It was built in 1917, and completely renovated in 1968 Seating capacity was 5,000, although it was often scaled for 4,500. The Auditorium hosted one world title contest: Manuel Ortiz's 10 round decison over Kenny Lindsay for the Bantamweight Title. It was also used by wrestling promoters who attempted to compete with the Owen family wrestling company, such as Ted Thye and Steve McPherson.

The arena has been home to performing arts in Portland throughout it's history. It is currently known as the Keller Auditorium, and is home to the Portland Opera, Portland Ballett, and Portland Childrens Theatre.

The venue was also reported as the Public Auditorium, Municipal Auditorium, or Auditorium.