Primo Carnera vs. Max Baer

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Baer scores one of many knockdowns.

Max Baer 209 lbs beat Primo Carnera 263 lbs by TKO at 2:16 in round 11 of 15


  • Carnera was a slight favorite on the afternoon of the fight. By the time the boxers entered the ring, Baer was slightly favored.
  • The gross gate was $428,392.80, and the net was $361,357.29.
  • The paid attendance was 52,268.
  • Carnera's purse was $122,057.08, and Baer's was $65,044.31.
  • The Associated Press reported: "Eleven times in eleven rounds, the massive Italian, biggest man ever to hold the title, crashed to the floor from Baer's blows, twice in the last round, before Referee Arthur Donovan stepped in and stopped the fight after two minutes, 16 seconds of the 11th. . . . A twelfth time the giant slid to the floor full-length from lost balance in a wild lunge at his foe."
  • There has been a long debate about exactly how many knockdowns Carnera suffered in this bout. Some say as few as seven, others say 10 and still others claim there were 12. Nat Fleischer, who was ringside for the fight, stated in the August 1934 issue of The Ring Magazine, of which he was the founder and editor, that Carnera was down 12 times and slipped once. He gave Baer three knockdowns in the first round, three in the second, one in the third, three in the 10th and two in the 11th. He said Carnera slipped in the eighth after missing a punch.

Newspaper Articles

  • [1] "Baer Acclaimed Ruler of Ring: Carnera's Reign Ends As Boxing History Repeats" by Alan Gould, Associated Press, June 15, 1934.
  • [2] "Baer Wins Heavyweight Crown From Carnera in Wild Battle" Associated Press, June 15, 1934]
  • [3] "Sock Won Big Scrap For Baer: Gene Tunney Says Max Smart by Not Boxing" by Gene Tunney, Associated Press, June 15, 1934.