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Retired Boxers Foundation
3359 Bryan Avenue
Simi Valley, Ca. 93063
(805) 583-5890
[email protected]
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Established in 1998 by former boxer Alex Ramos, the Retired Boxers Foundation is a non-profit organization which seeks to assist retired professional boxers, especially those suffering from alcohol and substance abuse problems, homelessness and the effects of pugilistic dementia (the medical term for being "punch drunk"), in the transition from their glorious days in the ring to a dignified retirement.

Their goal is to identify and build resources that are available and accessible to retired professional boxers, under five primary areas of service.

Financial Services

The Retired Boxers Foundation raises funds to establish a charitable fund to help boxers in critical need of financial assistance as well as provide financial counseling to secure a solid financial base in their retirement. Personal financial management services, including tax assistance is offered to insure their long-term financial stability and solvency.

Rehabilitation Services

The RBF provides specialized resources for medical services as well as facilities for the rehabilitation of retired professional boxers suffering from pugilistic dementia. Other health related resources include referrals for physical therapy, substance abuse treatment and support groups, and finally, personal and peer counseling in person and by phone.

Housing Services

The objective of the RBF's residential care services is to break the cycle of homelessness and transience by assisting retired boxers to achieve an independent lifestyle. Housing will be available to those who are homeless and without the means to secure even the basic human needs, including food, shelter and safety.

Youth Services

Many professional boxers were once youngsters whose lives were touched by caring adults who mentored them. The RBF organizes activities to assist disadvantaged youth including support for existing programs and gyms, summer boxing cams, academic enrichment programs and mentoring. The Retired Boxers speak to youth about their education, substance abuse, consequences and decision making.

Senior Citizen Services

The RBF provides supportive services to retired boxers who are senior citizens, including assistance with simple daily tasks such as transportation, assistance with complicated medical bills and personal business.