Rinaldo Castellenghi

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Name: Rinaldo Castellenghi
Hometown: Milan, Lombardia, Italy
Birthplace: Milan, Lombardia, Italy
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

As an amateur Rinaldo Castellenghi became Italian bantamweight champion in Florence in 1924. He took part in the Olympic Games in Paris the same year as a flyweight. He lost to Fidel LaBarba in the semifinal. Before that he had defeated Georges Goudhry (France) and Ruperto Bietes Berdes (Spain). He could not take part in the match for third place against Raymond Fee and ended up in 4th place.

The AIBA had decided to establish an official European championship in 1924. In these first championships the places in the Olympic Games determined the medalists in the European championships: 1. James McKenzie, and 2. Rinaldo Castellenghi.

According to Aldo Rossi in his book Il Pugilato Professionistico in Italia, Castellenghi turned professional in 1925. He fought Young Franciosa, Angeli, Rogiers, Varani, Arosio, André Magy, Vigorelli, Vizzini, Caggiula, Cecchi, Raymond Traves and Young Siki before he got a title match with Domenico Bernasconi. After that he had no longer the same taste for fighting. He fought draws with Young Denain and Metzner, and then lost to Magnolfi, Negri, Vannucci, Savo and Spoldi. On March 5, 1931, in Naples he had his last fight when he lost to Sylvestro Matacena.