Robinson Pitalua

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Name: Robinson Pitalua
Hometown: Miami, Florida, USA
Birthplace: Colombia
Died: 1985-09-22 (Age:21)
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Robinson Pitalua was born September 3, 1964. He began boxing at the age of eleven with his relative Zenon Vellojin and trainer Pedro Vanegas. Following a successful amateur career highlighted by a bronze medal in the 1983 Pan American Games and representing Columbia as a bantamweight in the 1984 Olympics, Pitaula became a professional. In 1985, Pitalua moved to Miami, Fla and signed a promotional contract with Félix “Tuto” Zabala. He began training under Amilcar Brusa. In Miami, Pitalua lived with other boxers and when not training took ESL classes which would allow him to pursue his dream; a degree in medicine. On September 22nd, 1985 Pitalua granted a radio interview and then went for a swim in a nearby lake with fellow boxer Jaime Polo. Polo reported the two took a skiff to the middle of the lake and jumped in for a swim, where Pitalua disappeared. His body was recovered by divers the following day. Known to be a good swimmer by his family, many credit his death to foul play, citing a lack of water in his lungs and the appearance of blunt force trauma to his head. On Wednesday, September 25, his body was sent home to Monteria, where he was buried. More than 60,000 people gathered to pay him a hero's farewell.[1]

Amateur Career

  • 83-12 Record [2]
  • Four-time Columbian National Champion
  • Silver Medal at the IX Bolivarian Games, Barquisimeto, VEN, 1981
  • 9th Place at III World Championship, Munich, GER, 1982.
  • Gold Medal at the Intercontinental Tournament, Colorado Springs, USA, 1982.
  • Silver Medal at the II Suramerican Championship, Guayaquil, ECU, 1983.
  • Bronze Medal at the 1983 Pan American Games as a bantamweight
  • Gold Medal II at the Olympic Festival, Mexico, MEX, 1984.

1984 Olympics

Pitalua represented Colombia as a bantamweight where he finished fifth. His results were: